Black Beach: A Community, an Oil Spill, and the Origin of Earth Day

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by Shaunna & John Stith, with illustrations by Maribel Lechuga, 2023. Hardcover, 40 pages. Ages 4-8.

This true story of the first Earth Day - told through the eyes of a fictional child - will inspire readers of all ages to stand up for their planet.

Twenty million people across the country made their voices heard on the first Earth Day.

Some came out to celebrate the environment, while others protested and demanded change.

A movement was born.

In 1969, Union Oil caused an oil spill off the coast of Santa Barbara that would change the world. Hazardous crude oil from the blowout flooded the Pacific Ocean, harming wildlife and devastating habitats. But from this ecological disaster sprang a new wave of environmental activism that continues to this day.

Based on actual events, Black Beach: A Community, an Oil Spill, and the Origin of Earth Day follows Sam and her classmates as they fight back. Sam initially feels powerless watching her parents and neighbors try to clean up the oil spill. But as her awareness grows, she learns she's not alone in caring for the Earth. The impact of the spill seeps into living rooms and classrooms across the nation. People everywhere are motivated to act, and a movement to protect and celebrate the environment is born.