Coyote's Wild Home

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by Barbara Kingsolver and Lily Kingsolver, with illustrations by Paul Mirocha, 2023. Hardcover, 32 pages. Ages 6-9 years.

Pulitzer winner Barbara Kingsolver and environmental educator Lily Kingsolver’s first children’s book, Coyote’s Wild Home

When humans occupy wild land, wild animals are forced out of their wilderness habitats and have no choice but to move into suburbs and cities, which can be frightening to many people.

Recently, the sight of coyotes in neighborhood parks and streets has thrust these animals into the spotlight, but these incidents are reminders of the urgent need to protect wilderness for future generations. Coyote's Wild Home offers readers insight into these fascinating animals and how to safely coexist with them.

Children will love the lush, painted illustrations of landscapes and animals, and enjoy the fun facts about animal tracks and behavior. Written by Pulitzer Prize winner Barbara Kingsolver and environmental educator Lily Kingsolver, Coyote's Wild Home takes readers into the woods, meadows, and streams of an Appalachian forest where a girl and a coyote pup each find their first woodland adventures. On their separate journeys into the wilderness with a beloved family member, the intertwined paths of child and coyote will surprise and enchant young readers. With its richly detailed illustrations and gentle biology lessons, this story of two young explorers invites readers to imagine wilderness as a place to be protected, loved, and shared.

Here’s a peek at some of the information that readers will discover within its pages:

  • Facts about coyote migration, their background, habits, and lifestyle.
  • The final pages of the book discuss how coyotes and human can successfully coexist.
  • The role that coyotes play as an important part of maintaining healthy ecosystems and species diversity.
  • Young readers will identify with the coyotes’ need to care for their young, and to find safe places to live.