Good Morning Mother Nature

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by Lucas Alberg with illustrations by Megan Marie Myers, 2024. Hardcover, 32 pages. Ages 0-4.

Say “good morning” with a heartwarming children’s picture book that pays homage to nature and wildlife.

Open your eyes, stretch your arms, and gather the kids for a perfect story to begin the day. Good Morning, Mother Nature lets readers of all ages awaken to celebratory text that serves as an ode to the great outdoors. Follow a chickadee at sunrise as it flits through the forest, wishing “good morning” to bears, beavers, deer, and other beloved critters. Along the way, the friendly bird encounters common sights and sounds of the forest, from fresh dew on leaves to a burbling brook.

Written as a companion to the acclaimed Goodnight Great Outdoors, this children’s book is a warm, rhyming tale by Lucas Alberg: “Good morning world. Good morning light. Good morning critters peeking into sight.” Highly stylized, playful artwork by Megan Marie Myers helps to create a picture book that your family or classroom will beg to hear again and again.

Book Features

  • Cheerful story about nature coming alive at sunrise
  • Beautiful, unique illustrations
  • Educational content about the critters featured in the book

Prepare for a day of playing and exploring. With Good Morning, Mother Nature, you’re sure to begin the morning right.

About the Authors

Lucas Alberg works for an outdoor products company, plays music, writes, runs, and generally goes about life with a smile on his face. His adventures nearly always involve his family and end with a treat. Good Morning, Mother Nature is Lucas’s fourth book and third children’s book.

Megan Marie Myers is a painter and illustrator. Her favorite projects are inspired by the outdoors and the connection we have to our natural surroundings and to each other. She designs her own line of greeting cards, museum-quality fine art prints, calendars, and other paper goods.