Vascular Plants of San Luis Obispo County

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by David Keil and Robert Hoover, 2023. Flexicover, 904 pages.

Building on the earlier work of Robert Hoover, botanist Dr. David Keil created an updated second edition of Vascular Plants of San Luis Obispo County, California, now with over 2,000 plant species described and 600 color photos of plant communities and native plant species. This complete botanical reference book covers over 3,600 square miles of San Luis Obispo County—a biodiversity hotspot with complex geology, varied topography, and nearly one hundred miles of coastline. The county is home to a remarkable diversity of plant life, now all referenced in the user-friendly identification keys, botanical descriptions, and detailed range statements found in Vascular Plants of San Luis Obispo County, California.

“One of California’s richest and most distinctive floras receives the treatment it deserves in this beautifully comprehensive, accessible, and definitive work. Keil, one of California’s most knowledgeable and accomplished botanists, has taken Hoover’s long-renowned flora to the next level to produce a gorgeously illustrated, stand-alone, and fully up-to-date resource for identifying and celebrating the spectacular diversity of wild plants and natural habitats.”

—Bruce G. Baldwin, W.L. Jepson Professor & Curator, UC Berkeley