Women and Water: Stories of Adventure, Self-Discovery, and Connection in and on the Water

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by Hailey Hirst, & Noël Russell, 2023. Hardcover, 240 pages.

This inspiring collection combines breathtaking photography with powerful narratives from women who swim, surf, kayak, study glaciers, advocate for water conservation, carry forward their ancestral fishing traditions, and more... These first-person stories explore themes of independence, strength, healing, and self-discovery in nature.

Helpful how-tos on everything from cold water swimming to taking underwater photos are interspersed throughout the book, making it easy for readers to get outside and get their feet wet. The result is a joyful tribute to the strength women exude in and on the water in a beautiful, chunky volume that makes an empowering gift for teenage girls, new graduates, and outdoorsy women of all ages.

Putting a paddle into the lake you normally see from afar, zipping up a wetsuit for the first time, plunging your head under the surface of a chilly ocean . . . all these water-centric acts offer fresh perspective, a different mode of travel, or another dimension of “home” to discover.

And as you’ll read, this book is about more than just what we do in the water. It’s also about the connection and healing it helps us channel, as well as the importance of protecting it for years to come.

In showcasing women who are in various stages of their water journeys, we hope to inspire you, the reader, to consider all the ways you can dive in and deepen your own relationship with waterways near and far.

Within these pages you’ll find first-person stories of women from around the world, as well as practical how-to sidebars interspersed throughout to pique your curiosity and give you some of the tools you need to set out on your own. 

— Gale Straub,  - Co-Authors, Women and Water